The removal of nickel from wastewater treatment plants is complex and can affect surface water. The presence of this metal in the environment can even prevent compliance not only with the quality limits of surface water bodies, but also with the limits established by drinking water regulations. That is why, from the CWP, the first meeting of the Working Group “Regulation, industrial treatment and effects on the environment of heavy metals. The case of nickel in the Baixa del Llobregat basin”. During this first session, the nickel problem was addressed and possible technological solutions were discussed.

The session started with the welcome by Xavier Amores, Cluster Manager of CWP, to all the participants of the working group and the speakers. Afterwards, Enrique Velasco, Head of the Department of Water Resources Management of the Catalan Water Agency (ACA) gave an introduction and description of the water supply network in the Baixa Llobregat basin. Next, Antoni Munné, Head of the Water Quality and Control Department of the Catalan Water Agency, presented the problem of heavy metals and in particular nickel. Finally, there was time for questions and debate among the participants.

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