The CWP celebrates the Ordinary General Assembly of 2022

On 15th June last, the Ordinary General Assembly of the Catalan Water Partnership was held at the Science and Technology Park of the University of Girona. The event was opened by Pau Presas, First Vice-President of Girona Provincial Council, who emphasised in relation to the CWP that: “The water sector is fundamental and becomes more important when we place it in the context of the climate crisis and sustainable development. At Girona Provincial Council we support and accompany all promoters of innovative projects that promote and work towards sustainable use”.

Jordi Cros, president of the CWP, then highlighted the growth in membership over the last four years (from 77 to 118 members in four years), the number of projects, the success in European calls for proposals (reaching 10 European projects) and the high number of participants (more than twenty members) in these projects and proposals, as well as the fifteen international activities carried out during this period, despite the COVID-19 which limited them for almost two years.

Afterwards, Xavier Amores, the director of CWP, gave a brief summary of the activities carried out throughout 2021 as well as the presentation of the status of different projects. It should be noted that 2021 was a year of growth with more partners, with 19 in total in 2021 and 8 during the first half of 2022, as two new European projects have been achieved, and that among others, 7 AEIs projects are currently being managed, representing digital cooperation projects with a budget of more than 1, 6M€, the return to international face-to-face activities with stands at POLLUTEC (France), IFAT (Germany) and the Singapore International Water Week and finally how the CWP structure has grown to 10 people in order to be able to take on many of these tasks. In many of these examples, different partners came out to explain the role of the company in the development of the project in which they are involved, thus giving a broader view and making the presentation more complete and dynamic. Mention was also made of the attendance at different international fairs and the floor was given to members who took part in them to explain their experience.

The new members also had a space where they could introduce themselves to the other participants in the event, Depuradores d’Osona, Seastainable Ventures, Kinea, JCUACC, Phytocontrol, UPC, FTR, SABEMSA, Ciclagua, Ulbios, Aonchip, Aigües d’Osona, EarthPulse, Consorci d’Aigües de Tarragona and BACO.

After the coffee-break, a networking activity took place where different groups were created to talk about the cluster’s areas of intervention: what aspects were important and what the CWP could do to improve its performance in this respect. Afterwards, the election of the new board was carried out and approved, which is formed by Mr. Jordi Cros (ADASA SISTEMAS) President, Mr. Jordi Aguilera (AQUALIA) Vicepresident, Mr. Andreu Iglesias (ACSA-SORIGUÉ) Treasurer, Mr. Miquel Rovira (EURECAT) Secretary, Mr. Jaume Alsina (ENCOFRADOS ALSINA) Vocal, Mr. Jaume Carol (FLUIDRA), Mr. Jaume Alsina (ENCOFRADOS ALSINA) Vocal, Mr. Jaume Carol (FLUIDRA) and Mr. Jaume Alsina (ENCOFRADOS ALSINA). Jaume Carol (FLUIDRA) Member, Ms. Raquel Compte (Aigües de Mataró) Member, Ms. Julia García (LEITAT) Member, Ms. Sonia Guri (CARBUROS METÀLICOS) Member, Ms. Laia Llenàs (GR. Laia Llenàs (GRUP BETA-UVIC) Member, Mr. Jordi Oliver-Rodés (LABORATORI DR. OLIVER RODÉS) Member, Mr. Ester Vilanova (AMPHOS 21) Member and Mr. Xavier Yagüe (HIDROTEC) Member. Then Genís Roca, recognised expert in the digital transformation of the company, gave a lecture on digitalisation in the water sector.

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