The eBook of good groundwater management practices is available

The eBook of best practices for groundwater management in a context of water scarcity, which was carried out as part of the activities of the AQUIER project, is now available. This document, in electronic format, is a compilation of a total of 30 cases of good practices and success stories at an international level related to the management of underground water resources. The practices and success stories that appear are linked to the recharge of aquifers, the implementation of ICT technologies or the improvement of the governance of the use of resources to respond to the challenges of the use of ‘underground water in terms of its quality and quantity.

The AQUIFER project has been financed by the fourth INTERREG SUDOE call, led by the IGME-CSIC and participated by a total of 9 partners from Spain, France and Portugal, including the CWP and the CUADLL. You can download the eBook at the following link:

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