The CWP participates in the World Water Cities Forum organized as part of the Korea International Water Week in Daegu

Last week, from December 6 to 8, the Korea International Water Week (KIWW) took place, a convention organized annually by the various Korean representatives of the water sector, including the Korea Water Partnership, an entity with the with which the CWP signed a cooperation agreement last year. In this edition there were a total of 156 stands and several parallel events related to the water sector were organized during it.

Xavier Amores, director of the Catalan Water Partnership, was invited by the metropolitan city of Daegu to participate in the World Water Cities Forum. It is a forum for leaders and experts in water to talk about problems and solutions of cities regarding the management of this resource organized within the framework of the KIWW.

Specifically, Xavier Amores participated in the round table “City to City Learning” together with Hyung-jae Jee, Director General, Environment & Water Resources Bureau of the city of Daegu (Republic of Korea), Jouni Riihelä, deputy mayor of Mikkeli (Finland), and Purwiyanto Pranoto Suwiryo, Vice President of the Batam Water Company (Indonesia). Afterwards, a round table was held with other participants from Pakistan, Kazakhstan, the Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, Laos, Turkey and the Mediterranean Institute. In this forum it was possible to share the activities that are being carried out in the framework of drought management, and some outstanding R&D projects, such as the LIFE Wat’SaveReuse project, the cooperation between sectors , the promotion of water reuse projects and also those future challenges in water management.

The CWP was also able to hold different meetings with various actors from different countries, and hold meetings with counterpart entities such as the Korea Water Partnership, or with representatives of the American Water Works Association.

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