The CWP board meets with HC David Mascort

In the meeting it was possible to talk about the country’s challenges in the face of the drought situation with special emphasis on the importance of water reuse and how it can be promoted in all sectors. In this sense, the CWP was able to share several projects brought to terms especially with the tourism sector, such as the Watersavereuse project in which the ACA and Eurecat also participate, initiatives to promote reuse in the whole water sector such as the SUGGEREIX project which received funding from the ACA and which has ICRA, EURECAT, CETAQUA, the UPC and the CWP itself in the consortium, and the work with the food clusters, such as INNOVACC, INNOVI and others with which have promoted days for the dissemination of good practices to promote the saving and reuse of water. Likewise, the role of R&D, innovation, the technological transfer of solutions by companies and research centers and universities in Catalonia was also shared in different areas such as digital transformation, the applied circular economy in the water sector or initiatives in the field of water quality. The meeting also made it possible to learn about the next steps of the National Water Table in which the CWP is one of the participating actors. Given the transversality of water companies and entities represented by the cluster, participation was offered in the various working groups created aimed at industry, tourism, livestock or agriculture among others and in which we can share best practices, experiences and technological solutions. These groups must make it possible to reach conclusions within the framework of the National Water Table in mid-2024.

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