Last February 2023, the CWP renewed the Gold Label certificate it had already obtained last year 2019. The Gold Label certificate is a distinction awarded by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA). The awarding body, ESCA, is a European-wide initiative launched by the European Commission in 2010 and aimed at promoting excellence in cluster management, good practices and continuous improvement, with the aim of weave a collaborative network of reference clusters in European territory that can become a reference at international level.

Therefore, the Gold Label certificate is also one of the most important distinctions on an international scale in relation to the good management of clusters and is awarded to those who have excelled in the management of the entity considering various aspects such as the ‘strategy, the contact with its sectoral ecosystem, the governance, the financing, the activities or the composition and relations between its associated entities. The evaluation of the clusters is carried out through the analysis of more than 30 different indicators that encompass a wide range of variables related to the functioning of the milestones achieved and the objectives of the cluster.

Having this certificate allows the clusters, and therefore the CWP, to increase their visibility and international positioning, as well as access to new meeting points with other leading European clusters to carry out joint projects and improvement processes . The renewal of the Gold Label certificate is on the part of the CWP a commitment acquired in order to continue leading projects and activities of European scope that can have a relevant impact, as well as to remain as a reference entity and at the service of the sector of water in Catalonia.

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