The passat March 27 is going to end the day “WaterTalks: opportunities for digitalization in the reg sector”, co-organized by l’IRTA. The conference will be held with an initial presentation given by Francisco Javier Sánchez, Deputy Director General of Water Protection and Risk Management of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Repte, who will present the investments of €100 M for the digitization of the reg foreseen in the PERTE framework and a summary of the requests raised in the first PERTE call for the digitization of the urbà de l’aigua cycle. The second part of the event is going to focus on the digitalization of the water from a very technical technique: Jaume Casadesús, Head of the IRTA Water Efficiency Program in Agriculture, will present a technology window digitals of support to the reg and then it is going to donate passes to companies in the sector. Yolanda Ferrer Soldevilla from VEGGA, Alberto Jimenez from Adasa Sistemas, Carlos Serrano from Aonchip, and Xavier Corbella from ITC Dosing Pumps will intervene. The day will count with more than 40 attendees.

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