From June 7 to 9, in Athens, the CWP attended the Water Innovation and Circularity Conference, the final conference of the HYDROUSA project. The congress welcomed the members of the project consortium, who illustrated the final results of the last 5 years of cooperative work, as well as other members of the scientific community in the field of solutions based on nature, the water reuse, nutrient recovery, water treatment technologies and circular solutions. At the Catalan level, representatives from ICRA, Aeris, CETAQUA and UVic’s BETA Technology Center participated. ICRA contributed with 5 presentations and a poster, presenting the results of studies on the presence of emerging micropollutants in soils and plants irrigated with reclaimed or gray water, led by Gianluigi Buttiglieri and Sara Rodríguez-Mozaz, as well as results of the studies of replicability of HYDROUSA solutions in other places in the Mediterranean. Albert Bartrolí from Aeris presented a case of application of AnMBR treatment for the reuse of waste water from the paper industry. Laura Flores from CETAQUA highlighted the case of the Alicante WWTP, converted into a biofactory as part of the B-WaterSmart project to deal with episodes of water scarcity. Finally, Lorenzo Proia from CT BETA made known the potential of biofilms as solutions based on nature for the treatment of waste water. The CWP contributed an informative poster of the BIODAPH2O project, which is in its first year of implementation and which starts from one of the pilots built in the framework of the HYDROUSA project for the application of an innovative daphnia-based treatment .

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