The CWP receives provisional approval for 8 projects in the 2023 call for AEIs

Last September 18th, the provisional resolutions of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism were published for the call for aid to support Innovative Business Groups (AEIs), corresponding to the only call for 2023 within the framework of the funds of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan. These are cooperative R+D and Innovation projects focused on digital transformation and where between 5 and 8 partners usually participate.

The Catalan Water Partnership presented 10 projects of which 8 were led by the same cluster. Of these eight, six have received provisional approval: SurVue, ReWat, SatWater 2.0, SmartH2Otel 2.0, AtmosphAIr 2.0 and Cosmetic Sectoral Water Footprint. The other two projects in which it also participates and which have also received provisional approval are: SAGIC, led by Clúster Digital and Viscera Cutting, led by INNOVACC.

The approved projects have a total budget of more than 2 million euros, which correspond to a total grant of 1.5 million euros. In addition, a total of 26 companies associated with the CWP will participate, of which 21 are SMEs. Last year the CWP already managed 8 projects in this same call, and they confirm the importance of digital transformation for the water sector and as one of the priorities in the water cluster strategy.

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