Fourth consortium meeting of the AQUIFER project celebrated in Lisbon

The fourth consortium meeting of the AQUIFER project took place in Lisbon on 13 October. This project is funded by the fourth INTERREG-SUDOE call for proposals and arises from the collaboration between clusters, research centres, water companies and user communities from Portugal, Spain and France, being led by the Spanish Geological and Mining Institute (Instituto Geológico y Minero de España).

During the meeting that took place in Lisbon, the various project partners shared the latest technical progress of the project and took action to join forces for the project activities to be carried out during the next 6-month period. The CWP presented the progress made in the preparation of an eBook containing the 30 best practices in groundwater management identified by the participating clusters, the results of the mapping of relevant groundwater-related events where members can participate and the communication strategy that will be developed through the project’s newsletter.

Among the participating partners, the progress made so far corresponds to the search for innovative tools and best practices in groundwater management, the development of new strategies for aquifer modelling and the validation of new data collection and interpretation systems in various demonstrations in the three participating countries. AQUIFER was conceived with the aim of developing new tools and generating knowledge to improve the management and sustainable exploitation of groundwater considering future scarcity scenarios. These tools and knowledge are currently becoming an increasingly important asset to cover the knowledge gap on these water resources.

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