Last April 18, the closing day of the AQUIFER project took place in the city of Cartagena (Murcia). The event brought together representatives of all the organizations involved in the project, as well as representatives of the irrigators and end-user organizations and representatives of the administration of the region of Murcia. After the institutional welcome by the president of the Comunidad de Regantes del Campo de Cartagena and the mayor of the town, several representatives of the project presented the most relevant results. José Luís García-Aróstegui (IGME-CSIC), project coordinator, presented the case study carried out in Campo de Cartagena. Then, the most relevant technical results were presented: Pablo del Amor (Comunidad de Regantes del Campo de Cartagena), presented the monitoring system implemented in the agricultural environment of Cartagena, Enric Queralt (CUADLL) presented the most relevant results of the Molins de Rei recharge ponds, Sandra Beranger (BRGM) presented the phreatic level prediction system developed during the project and Sergi Compte (CWP) presented the transnational platform of good practices for the groundwater management. The event concluded with a round table participated by Enric Queralt together with David Pulido (IGME-CSIC) and Luís Martínez (MITERD). The event was a good meeting point for experts from various disciplines linked to the management and use of groundwater to be able to share and discuss current challenges and future lines of action. The AQUIFER project ends successfully during April 2023, it is financed by the fourth INTERREG-SUDOE call, it has been led by the IGME-CSIC and participated by the CWP, the CUADLL, the French cluster AquaValley, the Portuguese cluster Parceria Portuguesa for Água, Aguas do Ribatejo, Comunidad de Regantes del Campo de Cartagena, the Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières and the University of Lisbon

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