On 11th November, the Catalan Water Partnership and the Automotive Industry Cluster of Catalonia – CIAC held an inter-cluster session on the treatment of wastewater in the automotive sector, highlighting the challenge of heavy metals in wastewater and some success stories in terms of treatment.

First of all, Antoni Munné, Head of the Water Quality and Control Department at the Catalan Water Agency, gave an introduction presenting the challenge of heavy metals in water as a result of the new European regulations. Afterwards, the floor was given to CWP members to explain success stories and solutions. Javier Berné, Account Manager of Kurita, presented a coagulation/flocculation solution with automatic dosing system for the removal of heavy metals. Next, Anna Treserra, Head of Laboratory / R&D at Cim Aigua, presented a metal precipitation study. Xavier Martínez, Director of Eurecat’s Water, Air and Water UT, presented the range of solutions and services offered by Eurecat in the field of heavy metals, including modelling, analysis and pilot tests. Finally, Miquel Blasi, CEO of e-Watts, presented successful cases of treatment with electrocoagulation and electrooxidation.

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