OVERNET RESEARCH SL is a manufacturer of communication network virtualization technology, boonder®, with products based on:

  • Overlays
  • SD – WAN
  • SDN – WAN

All its components work in a software layer overlaid on the Internet, called “Overlay”, and aim to enable the creation of network topologies capable of transporting native user network packets, regardless of the transport network infrastructures and wireless or fixed technologies of the operators.

boonder® allows the deployment of Ethernet networks over the Internet, as well as remote control and management of infrastructures and services in a similar way to what has been done to date using radio links or proprietary installations.

Applications and utilities:

  • Ethernet Virtualization
  • Compatibility with corporate network infrastructure
  • WAN Roaming/Mobility (Ubiquity)
  • Bandwidth Aggregation
  • Backup/Redundancy of lines (No loss of Ethernet/IP session)
  • Remote access over corporate Fixed IP for all nodes/locations
  • Centralized Security and Firewall
  • M2M/IoT Native IP or Ethernet (MAC) access
  • Independent WAN IP Management (Complete IPv4Pool)
  • Centralized network management
  • Remote LAN (Private Network) interconnection of programmable Logic Controllers (Distributed Process).

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