The white paper on the application of artificial intelligence in the water sector is presented

Last June 28, Xavier Amores participated in the round table that took place during the presentation of the white paper on the application of Artificial Intelligence in the water sector. The event was organized by CIDAI, which has also been the organization responsible for coordinating the production of this document.

The day began with a welcome from CIDAI and Lluís Juncà, director general of Innovation, Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship. Josep Maria Sangrà proceeded with a contextualization of digital applications in the Catalan water sector and the results and content of the white paper were presented by Marco Orellana, Manager of the CIDAI technical office.

The round table was attended by Ester Vilanova (Amphos21), Carlos Montero (Cetaqua), Catalina Balseiro (Aigües de Barcelona), Fernando Valero (ATL) and Xavier Amores. The speakers were able to discuss the opportunities and challenges involved in the implementation of AI in the water sector, as well as the next steps to be taken by each of the actors linked to this nexus. The white paper on AI applied to the water sector is the 6th sectoral white paper carried out by CIDAI and links, by the hand of experts and researchers, two crucial topics and of first order interest today what are the impacts of AI and water management.

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