The Phytocontrol group dedicated to the sanitary control of water and food, leader in its sector thanks to its specific know-how and advanced technology, serves all actors in the agricultural, agri-food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and phytosanitary sectors, as well as agents involved in water management.

Since the creation of Phytocontrol in 2006, it has maintained a scientific team of more than 300 people specialised in the chemistry of contaminants, made up of graduates and laboratory technicians, biochemists, microbiologists and agricultural engineers, who offer all their skills and experience to provide a high-level analytical service accompanied by technical and regulatory advice.

And to offer analytical excellence, a dynamic R&D department that strives every day to develop new ways of working that are always more efficient and innovative, which allows it to constantly benefit from the best analytical synergy between quality-reactivity-precision.

The group has a network of 4 laboratories – 3 in France and 1 in Spain – and a team of technical experts established in Europe and North Africa to ensure proximity, monitoring and advice.

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