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MF Tècnima

M.F. TÈCNIMA is a consultancy specialised in the industrial and environmental world, founded in 1997, which offers integral solutions to the environment, anticipating the difficulties and facilitating an adequate and efficient knowledge and management for each need.

The company is structured in four areas of action:

  • Engineering: Design and construction of water treatment plants, purification plants and sludge treatment plants. Diagnostics and studies at pilot plant level.
  • Analysis laboratory: Collection and analysis of samples (wastewater, counter-freshwater, drinking water, sludge, slurry…), Jar-Test and respirometric tests. Qualified laboratory by the Accreditation Office of the Generalitat de Catalunya for the Waste Water Laboratory (LAR). Registered under number 089-LA-AIG.
  • Exploitation: Periodic monitoring of the proper functioning of the treatment plants, of the equipment and control of the pollutant parameters.
  • Management: Technical and legal advice on issues related to the administration and the environment in industry. Advice on the management and control of composting plants and in waste management.

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