Junta Central d’Usuaris de l’Aqüifer Carme-Capellades – JCUACC

The Junta Central d’Usuaris de l’aqüífer de Carme-Capellades (JCUACC) is a public law corporation governed by the current water legislation and supervised by the Catalan Water Agency (Agència Catalana de l’Aigua).

The JCUACC brings together the users, owners and users who have the right to use groundwater, with representation from the water supply, industrial and agricultural sectors.

The territorial scope of its competences corresponds to the Carme-Capellades carbonate aquifers delimited in Decree 328/1988, of 11 October. The surface area is about 160 km2.

The JCUACC was constituted in 2003.


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