On the 21st of October Xavier Amores, director of CWP, participated in the Smart & Digital Water Solutions conference, a hybrid event within the framework of the International Water and Wastewater Exhibition, SMAGUA 2021, on digital transformation in the water cycle. During the event, the main blocks of interest were addressed, offering presentations of integrated solutions for infrastructure management, equipment, supply networks and unregistered water, water monitoring for early warning or smart metering and connectivity, as well as debates and talks by industry leaders.

Maria del Prado Torrecilla, Customer Technical Service&Marketing product Manager at LACROIX, spoke about the transformation of connectivity in the water cycle. Claudio Cosentino, Business Director of Smart & Environmental Solutions at Agbar, closed the first block by talking about remote reading as a source of information and a lever for driving the digital transformation of the integral water cycle. Jordi Raich Montiu, Director of s:can Iberia, spoke about how the first early warning from a network of monitoring stations foresees nitrate pollution in the city of Columbus, Ohio. Xavier Amores, Director of CWP, participated in the panel discussion on digital transformation in the water sector.

Hidrotec and FACSA  participated as exhibitors at SMAGUA and the different days of the fair were attended by Rubén García, Sales Engineer at Microcom Sistemas Modulares, Jordi Martín Alonso, Head of the Water Quality Management Department at Aigües de Barcelona, Fernando Valero Cervera, Cap de I+D+i i Control de Processos de l’Ens d’Abastament d’Aigua Ter-Llobregat (ATL), Xavier Martinez, Àrea Manager d’ITC, Felipe Libreros, SUEZ, Ruben Garcia (Tècnic de I+D+i), FACSA, Ruben Garcia (Tècnic de I+D+i), FACSA, Angel Villanueva, Director de Canvi climàtic i Resiliència d’ AQUATEC, SUEZ, Jordi Molist Gazapo,  Agència Catalana de l’aigua ACA.

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