On 12 May, the CWP organised an internationalisation activity between the cluster and SEDAPAL, the Peruvian company that provides drinking water and sewerage services to the urban sector in the city of Lima.
Iván Rodríguez, head of the research, innovation and standardisation team of SEDAPAL, explained to the CWP members the main climatic and geographical peculiarities related to water supply in the Lima area, as well as the challenges that SEDAPAL has to face in order to guarantee water supply and sanitation throughout the metropolitan area. One of the main problems is the constant and uncontrolled growth of the city, which makes it difficult to adapt the drinking water network. Afterwards, Iván Rodríguez explained the structure of SEDAPAL, its innovation strategy and shared with the attendees some advice on how to approach the Peruvian market.

During the second part of the session, five technology companies from the cluster were given the opportunity to present innovative solutions and new technologies applied to water management in elevator pitch format. The five participating companies were: BGEO, with GIS systems applied to water cycle management; Spin, which presented automation and digitalisation solutions; Poltank, with GRP filters for different applications such as desalination and drinking water; Craley, which showed its sensing solution for pipelines; Hydroo, with advanced pumping solutions to achieve greater hydraulic efficiency; Lacroix, which showed a remote management system for hydraulic structures that integrates communication, cybersecurity and process control; Inloc Robotics, which presented the SEWDEF system for automated analysis and CCTV inspections of keywaters; Eco-sistems, which presented its desalination systems with energy recovery; Lafcarr, which presented security and warning solutions for water infrastructures and finally Ufbaf, with an innovative system for the biological denitrification of drinking water.

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