CWP, INNOVACC, INNOVI, Packaging and Catalonia Gourmet Cluster hold the “Terra Endins” gathering to promote links between clusters

On July 21st, the CWP, INNOVAC, INNOVI, Packaging and Catalonia Gourmet Cluster teams will hold a gathering to promote relations and connections between the clusters under the name “Terra Endins”.

The day will consist of a first contact session through a networking session. All in all, it is going to separate the different components of the teams from the clusters by departments. The objective: to be able to share ideas about successful strategies, good practices and techniques and working methods to achieve objectives in a resolute and effective way. A cop the different departments will share the inn in common, is going to expose the results with all the teams so that they can be a collection of good practices and power there, improve and optimize the processes and strategies.

Tot followed is going to be a team-building activity that will consist of going down the river Ter with Kayak and in finish, it is going to take me a German dinar to be able to comment on the visible experience at the end of the day. The conclusion is that for more than mai, it is important to support between clusters, to create synergies and connect us with others, it is an effort that facilitates communications in future collaborations.

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