Aigües de Mataró

Aigües de Mataró is a private municipal company dedicated to the integral management of the water cycle in the city of Mataró. It mainly deals with the supply of water and the maintenance and improvement of the water, irrigation and sewerage networks. It also integrates the municipal laboratory, from where it carries out the control and analysis of drinking, waste, industrial, recreational and irrigation water in the city of Mataró, as well as the analysis of food and environmental parameters, both for the Administration and for companies and individuals.

Aigües de Mataró is a benchmark of public management and efficient management in Catalonia.

It participates in the companies MESSA and AIE, where it indirectly manages, respectively, the Tub Verd service and the treatment of the city’s wastewater. In collaboration with other municipalities, it also participates with CONGIAC-GIACSA in the management of services linked to the integral water cycle.

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