The CWP participates in the X edition of the National Cluster Congress in Valencia and the Hydroleaks 2.0 project wins the award for best collaborative project between companies

On November 7th and 8th, the CWP participated in the tenth edition of the National Congress of Clusters that took place in Valencia and was held within the framework of the fifth edition of the Connected Industry Congress. Both events combined an agenda of conferences, round tables and presentations by experts in the fields of innovation and digitalisation.
On the 8th, the president of the CWP, Jordi Cros, participated as a speaker in a round table focused on the role of clusters as a lever for the digitization of companies. The president of the CWP emphasized the importance of clusters as elements of support for the implementation of digital technologies. He also highlighted the importance of human talent as a key piece to make the digital transition and the relevance of overcoming the barriers to the implementation of these technologies, which always represent an important paradigm shift for the way organizations operate.
On the same day 8, the national association of clusters (FENAEIC) presented the results of the 2022 project competition. The HYDROLEAKS2.0 project was the winning project in the category of collaborative projects between companies. Once again, the National Congress of Clusters was a space for debate, planning and alignment between cluster entities from various sectors, and allowed the exchange of good practices, ideas and trends in relation to the digital transition applied to the various sectors of a the industry

Sergi Compte, project manager R+D

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