Its mission as a company focuses on facilitating the analysis, preservation and restoration of the marine environment through the development of products adapted to modern times. They achieve this by adapting the latest technologies in various fields to a sector where historically there has been an evident operational barrier.

Their interdisciplinary efforts allow them to offer practical solutions with great agility, reducing operating costs, as well as drastically increasing operator safety.

Among the different product lines developed by GPASEABOTS, we can find the new USVs. Semi-autonomous and unmanned vehicles that operate from the water surface.


POWER INNOTECH offers services and products based on high performance electronics. Its aim is to apply to other fields, technologies that until now have been used exclusively in sectors such as aerospace or electric vehicles; for example, Wide Band Gap Semiconductor technologies (SiC and GaN) and the so-called planar inductive technologies, which have allowed the improvement of the efficiency and miniaturisation of high-power systems.

The use of this technology brings a series of environmental, economic and operational advantages in sectors that have a great industrial, social and strategic impact. The following stand out:

  • High Energy Efficiency Systems and Processes
  • Systems and Processes of very high Power Quality
  • High Energy Density Systems and Processes
  • High connectivity systems and processes (IoT) and intelligent sensing.

Currently, Power Innotech applies its know-how in the development of solutions and products in the sectors of electro-pulp, surface treatments, electro-chemical water treatments, green hydrogen generation, electrical recharge, e-Marine, Ports 4.0, e-mobility and smart energy.

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