Caperva is a company specialized in the design, manufacture and implementation of filtration systems, highlighting tangential membrane filtration systems.
The characteristics of its UF, NF and Reverse Osmosis membranes offer efficient and sustainable solutions in the treatment of industrial wastewater, facilitating the recovery-reuse of water and byproducts; Many times, the model of tubular polymeric membranes that we can offer does not require prior pretreatment, since they can work with high % solids and/or viscous products.
The wide range of membranes offered by CAPERVA allows the design of systems with high performance, efficiency, modularity and ease of operation, in processes of clarification, purification, concentration, fractionation of components, reuse of by-products, diafiltration… in industrial wastewater and processes of feeding.
In addition, it offers filtration audits, pilot tests, equipment rental and consulting services, backed by years of experience in the world of process filtration.

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