DEPURADORES D’OSONA, SL (DOSL) was set up on 1st June 1995 by the Consell Comarcal d’Osona (CCO) and its activity is the operation of the wastewater treatment plants in the county of Osona, delegated by the Catalan Water Agency of the Generalitat de Catalunya and by the local councils to the Consell Comarcal d’Osona, which is the Acting Administration.

DOSL is owned by the Consell Comarcal d’Osona (51%), by the company Aigües Vic (24.5%), and by the company Sorea (24.5%). DOSL is a mixed economy company that works for the public sector, constituted with the aim of managing the sanitation services of the Osona region.

DOSL manages a total of 30 WWTP’s and 29 pumping stations in the region, which together with a complex system of collectors guarantee the return of previously used water to its environment with the appropriate quality and minimum environmental risk.

The company’s objective is the operation, maintenance and upkeep of wastewater treatment systems from various municipalities in the Osona region. This process includes the collection of wastewater, treatment, quality control, conservation and maintenance of the facilities, as well as the cleaning of the collectors and pumping stations.

In terms of sustainability, we are working to create bio-factories at the wastewater treatment plants, creating a circular economy so that our process waste becomes new resources. It is worth highlighting the start-up in 2009 of cogeneration engines, which has meant the use of surplus biogas in energy for consumption at the Vic Plant, and the surplus for sale to the electricity company.

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