Barcelona Cicle de l’Aigua, SA (BCASA) is a municipal public company created in 2014 and integrated into the Urban Planning, Ecological Transition, Urban Services and Housing Area of ​​Barcelona City Council.

Its mission is to meet the needs of Barcelona, ​​providing quality services and products; differentiate the Barcelona brand in the area of ​​the Water Cycle and create value for the City Council with the resources managed and the knowledge acquired, while favoring those processes that contribute to a more efficient use of water and energy resources, to the improvement of water quality and minimizing the impact on natural systems.

With a vocation of public service, the main referents of its action are the interest of people, the culture of sustainability and environmental responsibility, innovation, commitment to results and integrity, ethics and transparency. Committed to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

ODS 6 “guarantee the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation conditions” is part of BCASA’s management model and is the most relevant in accordance with its activity.

In addition, BCASA contributes to the achievement of other SDGs through the promotion of different social, environmental and good governance initiatives.

People are the center of organizational action in search of more well-being and a higher degree of effectiveness, promoting personal and professional development, avoiding all discrimination due to gender and favoring salary and social protection policies that ensure equal opportunities and less inequality of results.

BCASA becomes a sustainable organization with resilient infrastructures to fight the climate emergency and pollution, favoring the naturalization of the city and the protection of receiving environments (sea and rivers).

BCASA shares the model to be followed by all public institutions that must be effective, responsible and transparent, fully committed to the fight against corruption, through participation and communication with interest groups promoting debate and exchange of experiences

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