CWP participates in the Dwater organised by Amphos 21

Last June 8th CWP participated in the Dwater technical conference on water and digital transformation Dwater organised by  Amphos 21 at the DFactory where several speakers participated in AI experiences for real time flood prediction. Lara Duro, CEO of Amphos 21 and the Zona Franca Consortium welcomed the participants. Then David Guiérrez, Head of Energy & Engineering Department, Leitat gave an introduction of the Dfactoruy exosystem for the digital transformation 4.0.

The event featured speakers Joan Roig, Business Development Manager, Leitat, Jorge Molinero, General Manager of Amphos 21, Elena Torralba, Leitat, Aitor Iraolia and Maria Pool, Amphos 21, Agustí Figuras, ABM, Jordi Roca, HYDS, Joanna Kelsey, Binnes UK and Ester Vilanova, Amphos 21, who presented success stories. Finally, Xavier Amores, director of CWP, closed the event by highlighting the main points of the day. More information.

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