The project ‘Boosting new B2B digital marketing strategies in companies in the water sector’ started on the 18th of January with the first meeting with the 9 participants, ABMAmphos21, Behq,  Bluengin, Bluephage,  EcoSistems,  SPIN, Unex,  Arpol and the consultancy firm Playbrand.

Analysis of common challenges in digital marketing in the water sector, 2. Initial diagnosis and positioning in relation to the rest of the sector of each of the companies, 3. Development of action in B2B digital marketing and 4. Sharing and analysis of synergies, possible cooperative projects and next steps, the schedule of phases and the budget. The project aims to promote a pilot in various subsectors of the water business value chain in order to promote and improve the marketing and sales strategy using B2B digital marketing in the water sector companies associated with the CWP.

This project is supported by Acció and is part of the  Catalonia clusters programme.

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