MATHOLDING GROUP is made up of six companies, IQV, in the agrochemicals sector and five companies involved in the water sector (Dorot Control Valves, Riegos Iberia Regaber, Hidroglobal, Sistemas de Filtrado and Tratamiento de Fluidos i Vicente Canales).

IQV, a company that offers farm owners the most efficient and sustainable solutions for the protection of their land.

Dorot Control Valves, founded in 1946, is a leading global developer, manufacturer and marketer of a wide range of products for the water market.

Riegos Iberia Regaber, S.A. was born in and today, it has become the leading irrigation company in the Iberian Peninsula providing professional solutions in quality and reliability.

Hidroglobal is a leading company in solutions for water conduction, projects, treatment and automation in industrial and municipal areas. Offering both components and turnkey solutions.

Sistemas de Filtrado manufactures filters and solutions that cover the entire filtration spectrum.

VICAN manufactures metallurgical components and equipment for water conduction and treatment.

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