Founded in 1954, its origins lie in the production of asphalts and the treatment of asphalts.

Over these decades, Sorigué has undergone constant expansion which, together with the increase in turnover, human resources and its own resources, has resulted in the diversification of its areas of activity.

During these seventy years, the group has been able to evolve by responding to market demands and maintaining solvent relationships with its customers and suppliers, which has allowed it, at the same time, to make a continuous reinvestment in its technical and human resources.

The company maintains a cutting-edge position both in the development of new products and in production methods: a constant evolution with the aim of creating value in each process and innovating continuously through excellence.

Sorigué has developed an integrated business model, with branches in the main Spanish cities and operates throughout the country. In addition, it has carried out important projects on an international scale.

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