Arantec is made up of a group of engineers, programmers and interface designers. We have extensive experience in the field of engineering and we are specialized in wireless sensor networks (WSN) serving the Smart Cities. We are a young company. With a strong commitment to R & D & I we have researched the concept of sensor control and monitoring, creating the SmartyPlanet product range.

Our company was founded to design, develop and produce an own software and hardware to offer customers complete and reliable solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT). We create unique integrated solutions that are reliable, compatible, cost-effective, easy to deploy and intuitive to use. Our team of engineers and programmers provide the customization of the software applications and hardware required for the monitoring of different environmental parameters. Our products are aimed at end users, systems integrators, engineers and consultants so they can deploy their sensor networks with the minimum time possible with a very favorable cost-benefit ratio. We pretend to contribute to the ‘Internet of the Things’ (IoT) concept where ‘things’ are connected to the Internet to help our customers optimize their resources.


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