Aqua Resmat

AQUA AMBIENT IBÉRICA S.L., a leading company in Spain and Portugal in design and consultancy for Equipment and Solutions for Wastewater Treatment, Greywater Recycling, Rainwater Harvesting, Oil Separators, and Hydraulic Regulation.

RESMAT S.L., a leading company in Spain as a manufacturer of prefabricated equipment in Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) for the Separation, Purification, and Storage of Water.

The union of the two companies from the same MTA Group, in AQUA RESMAT S.L., represents a great opportunity to enhance the synergies of both companies, improving the commercial, technical, and productive organization, to the benefit of all our clients in Spain, Portugal, and Andorra.

A step forward in their positioning in the sector, leading to greater productive capacity, more technologically advanced, more products, and with higher investments in R&D&i and in the quality of all our products and equipment in polyethylene, polyester, and steel.


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